Nippon Paint
From the past days’ transformation of steel and zinc coated sheets to progressive steel coil, today’s technology has offered us more convenience and reduced loss from extrusion, specifically in the production of electrical appliances, fence, roof and etc. It is hence important that coating agents used must possess particular characteristics formulated for coating with a roller in stead of spray gun. A good liquid paint must have a smooth distribution that provides consistent dissipation throughout the length of roller and dries in a short period of time. Also, paint film should have high flexibility once dried, as this will help prevent the coated steel plate from cracking when it is being rolled back for transformation.
Through the years of research and development, Nippon Paint successfully invented a variety of products that suit different coating systems, as well as formulated the paint film that comes with special characteristics designed for further transforming. For example, the composition of UV-resistance quality for the durability of roof or fence. With these competitive advantages, Nippon Paint’s products have gained reliability from leading coil coating manufacturers nationwide.