Nippon Paint

Being listed as a member product in the POWERTOP, POWERNICS and EXCEL line, Nippon Paint’s CED was specially formulated to prevent corrosion . By immersing the object into plating bath, the electrodeposition will add more adhesion to metal substrate than spray coating. Benefits of CED, or the Cathodic Electro Deposition, are plenty. For example, the immersion into deposition paint  is high throwing power into anywhere of parts  that spray application is unable to cover. In addition, the CED paint reduces less loss rate than typical spray paints.
Nippon Paint’s CED can be used well with general metal materials, such as steel or aluminum. With its versatility, CED paint suits all industrial uses, including electrical appliance, compressor, computer, harddisk, and many more. Besides, Nippon Paint’s CED is environmental friendly as the product contains no heavy metals, such as lead or tin.