Nippon Paint
With global warming on the rise, Nippon Paint cares and has invented complete coating product lines for automobile and auto parts industries. Nippon Paint initiated the Nanotechnology in the development of ingenious surface preparation agent ‘Nano Pretreatment’ that helps to ease conditioning works, as well as reduce sludges and heavy metal residues. Likewise, Powder Paint has also been brought to replace the Organic Solvent for mag wheels coating, while the water-based Waterborne paint is also recommended as a competent automobile coating. Nippon Paint believes that these endeavours well exemplified our good will in the reduction of VOCs’ emission that harms human health and environment.
Moreover, Nippon Paint is the first manufacturer in Thailand to pioneer the “3 Wet System” among Thailand’s leading automobile manufacturers. The results are delightful as the system has not only brought down the production cost, but also shortened polishing process of the production line. These benefits well in the saving of energy and production cost, as well as reduction of the Carbon Dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds (CO2 and VOC) that affect global warming.